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Forgive me reader, for I have slacked. It has been seven months since my last confess–er, blog post. And this post doesn’t really count, because its only purpose is to tell you that changes are coming to this blog.

That’s right. Changes.

For one, I’ve decided on a schedule. A weekly schedule even. Imagine that. Every Monday, in fact. (Yes, I realize today isn’t a Monday, but as I said, this post doesn’t count.) That means that two days from now, when you wake up in the morning, I will have a blog post waiting just for you. Whether you want one or not. You’re welcome!

For two, (because I started a pattern when I said “for one,” so I suppose that means there needs to be a “for two,”) I’m considering upgrading my WordPress account so that “WordPress” no longer appears in the URL. That’s right, things are getting serious up in here. I’m going to have my own domain name, yo. Maybe. Probably. I haven’t actually looked at what that entails yet so I might change my mind. But there’s a chance that you’ll need to adjust your bookmarks, if you actually have me bookmarked, I mean, I flatter myself to think so, and you probably don’t really, and that’s okay, because why would you, but if you do, thank you, and anyway I’ll just shut up about that now.

For three . . . well I don’t really have a third thing. I’ve pretty much said everything I need to say.

So that’s it! I’ll see you here bright and early Monday morning! TTFN! Toodle-oo! Au revoir! Laters!


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