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Summer Break

I’ve been having a lot of trouble focusing lately – focusing on writing, focusing on reading, focusing on life’s daily tasks – my brain is just one big, tired, frenetic, jumbled up mess these days.

And now my “schedule,” for lack of a better term, has been thrown into turmoil with the arrival of summer break. The one time in the afternoon where I was guaranteed (unless the toddler didn’t nap) to get a couple hours of quiet where I could concentrate on a task has – Poof! – disappeared for a few months. I spent the first week of this break stressed and irritable because I couldn’t find the time to write during the day, and by evening I was too tired to think straight.

When I caught myself unnecessarily grouching at my family, I took a step back and reassessed my priorities. What’s more important this summer? Finishing my revisions, or spending lots of quality time with my husband and kids, especially my oldest before he starts full day school in the Fall? Happy, quality time with my family, of course! I will never get these years back.

So I’m taking a summer break too. I’ll be spending my time playing, and cuddling, and discussing things like why robots are awesome and why Pirates say “Arr!” I’ll be catching up on all the chores and clutter I’ve allowed to accumulate during the school year, and getting the boys involved in helping to clean it up. (They still think that’s fun at this age. Ha!) I’ll be reading a LOT, and drawing, and maybe I’ll pick up my knitting needles again. I’ll be planning fun day hikes (when it’s not pouring down rain as it has been the last several days), and getting ready for our first family camping trip, and arranging play dates and group outings. And maybe, if I have a spare moment and/or the inclination, I’ll write down a paragraph or two, or smooth out a few lines in my draft, or write a short story…but ONLY if I have the extra time and wish to do so.

And then when September arrives, and my big six year old goes off to first grade all day and my almost three year old naps (if he still does at that point), I’ll get back to work with a vengeance. Because surely after such a long, refreshing break I’ll be in good form. Right?

By the way, when I logged into WordPress to write this blog, I was greeted by a notification informing me that today is my one year Blogiversary! So a big celebratory WOOT for that! IMAGINARY CAKE FOR EVERYONE! WOOOO!

Also, an announcement: I’m pleased as punch to be a part of Carey Torgesen’s upcoming short story blog series, “The Memory Project,” which goes live tomorrow (Friday, June 28)! Read all about it here, and then revisit her blog every other day for a brand new story from a great group of writers.


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