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Five Year Old Live Tweets, Episode 1: Thor

My five year old is notorious for movie commentary. He also loves the movie Thor. This afternoon, I had the notion that I ought to share his magnificent musings about this movie on Twitter for all to see. People seemed to think it was pretty funny, so I thought I’d put them up here for those of you who missed the show. I suppose I should say that there are spoilers, huh? Fine, there are spoilers. There. Now you can’t get mad at me. Also, yes, there are typos. I was typing very quickly to keep up.


Yes. My five year old is pretty awesome.


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15 thoughts on “Five Year Old Live Tweets, Episode 1: Thor

  1. That’s pretty much how I watch Thor, too. Although, your son’s commentary is much better than mine. Mine was “Jane? WHY U NO EMT?” and a lot of complaining about canon and stuff… And not enough shirtless Thor or mud wrestling for my tastes.

  2. Wow, that was a lot of work to post all those! He seems like a cool kid!

  3. Never enough shirtless Thor or mud wrestling. Oh well. Maybe in the sequel. 😉

  4. OMG I loved this! It was the most awesomest thing ever. Especially Laufey and the salads…I cannot stop laughing over Laufey and the salads…LOL

  5. Yes – not enough shirtless Thor! When the heck were there salads? Did I miss something while I drooled over Thor?

  6. Ha-ha, Meg! TOO funny. Although if it was me commenting, there wouldn’t be too many words. Just the sound of me drooling over Loki. And no, I DON’T care if Tom Hiddleston is supposed to be evil. #dreamy

  7. I’m 31 and my reactions were just like your 5 year old, “Ahhh, she’s talking about iPhones, this is a bad part. Fast-forward. Ahhh, she’s talking about Facebook, this is a bad part.”

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