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By Jove, I Think I’ve Got It!

I am happy to announce that I am THIS close (imagine my thumb and finger held really close together) to starting back up on the draft of my W.I.P. I have a few more minor things to figure out tonight, and then I will be ready to go! The one major hold up for me has been figuring out the reasons – the big WHYs – behind the plot. Why does the Spirit return? Why does it choose Charlotte? I wasn’t comfortable with a convenient explanation such as “because she’s the one,” or “because some random prophecy said so.” I wanted the reason to be more tangible than that. And I found it. And it’s so simple. And I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.

It came to me today out of the blue, and at the last possible moment, because I set a goal for myself to be ready to start a new draft by August 1st. That’s tomorrow. Wow.

I haven’t been as thorough with the outlining process as I said I would here. For instance, I haven’t mapped out locations, but I have thought long and hard about them. I haven’t created a timeline, I haven’t figured out everyone’s backstory, and I certainly haven’t created a detailed, scene-by-scene outline. But I have done (for me) the important bits. I know the main plot points. I understand my characters: their faults, their strengths, and what drives them. I even have a few scenes written down on index cards and put in order, and I plan to add to these as I go along. I’m comfortable with it now, and I’m ready to go.


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9 thoughts on “By Jove, I Think I’ve Got It!

  1. I totally get this! I’m still waiting for my ‘out of the blue’ moment to come!

    • I hope it comes for you soon! It’s so discouraging when you have a story idea and you just can’t quite make everything fit in a satisfying way. Lots of good luck to you!

  2. I love the out of the blue moments! I never have paper and pen at those times, either. Tell me: were you exercising when it came to you? Because I have found when I exercise, the increased blood flow in the cortex helps “bridge those bellums”…,

    • Oddly, I was sitting at the kitchen table staring out the window. I know what you mean about exercise bringing great ideas. I often get inspiration when I go for walks.

  3. Awesome! Sounds like you are making progress even as I type this. I think it’s great that you decided to dig deeper than the “because she’s the one,” or “because some random prophecy said so” tropes, it’s nice to see some nuanced reasons. 😀

    • Thank you. I always like a reason for things happening too, even if it’s a tiny one, like someone chosing to take one path instead of another that day. The fact that they chose it, helps strengthen the story, in my opinion.
      (Sorry for taking so long to comment back)

  4. Megan, I just stopped by to admire your progress — after seeing your results posted on Twitter. I think you said you’d written 3k words today, and that’s a good day if you ask me. I’m currently trying to reach out and grab a few out-of-the-blue moments, so thanks for the inspirational example!

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